Screen Repair

No matter how bad it looks, your phone or tablet screen can be repaired. Because of all the different types of phones and tablets, we cannot give you a flat rate on a phone screen repair, because the prices of screens and the associated parts vary so greatly.

We can tell you this: You can save a few dollars by getting the screen on Amazon for the lowest price out there, with no markup, and bring it to us.

For just $45 for labor, while you wait or run errands, we can make your phone look and work like new again.
If you don’t see your phone listed here call Ray at 336-528-4237 with your phone model and he will text or email you a link to the screen you need.

Common phone models:

NP=Not eligible for Amazon Prime (5+ days to arrive, no free shipping)
The prices below are for screen purchase (replacement part) only.  $45 Labor on all phones applies.

Let’s fix your phone up!